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Hans is a Danish prolific and creative furniture designer. He died in 2007 but his creative pieces are still living legacies of his talent. His famous works include: Peacock chair, Shell chair, Valet chair, Ox chair, Wishbone chair, Flag Halyard chair, The Chair, Circle chair, Papa Bear chair, Chinese chair, The Wing chair.

Wegner’s work represents his time era, and all the brilliant craftsmanship and engagement it took to create his designs, as it was a puristic depiction of the tastes, modernity, and functionality that made those decades unique. The mid-century Danish style that he made his own, made him renowned throughout the world, and made his works equally popular.

With his works he always mixed up the elegance and the amusement as he created very unique furniture, each with their own practicality and sense of humour built right into the chair.

He worked continuously throughout his life, designing amazing concepts and fun ideas, only stopping a decade or so before his death. He died on January 26th 2007, and his legacy and furniture designs are a continuous part of over 25 different museums all over the world including the Museum of Modern Art in N.Y., and the Die Neue Samlung in Munich. He was a brilliant talent with a flair for style, and legacy does carry on with the countless souls he has inspired to become great.

My most favorite is the High Gloss Ball Chair. That’s the 1st chair featured in this post. It looks super comfortable – the true essence of a lounge chair. What’s your pick?