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One of the most dreaded spaces in any house is the attic. It can be dark, hot and if you are claustrophobic then you better not try to get inside this space. How do you really make use of the attic besides it being a storage area or a rat and roach-infested maison? An attic space gives a homeowner the opportunity to have enough privacy and have a view of what’s outside the house. Attics can make a great guest bedroom, kids room, or even a huge master’s bedroom.

The slanting roof of the attic provides a great design if I may say so. And yes, using the attic as a functional space is a great idea and probably one of the best space-saving strategy.

Considerations when making the attic a living space (bedroom, guest room, etc):

1. Accessibility of the attic – decide whether to put a retracting ladder, a permanent staircase or a decorative spiral staircase or for those that don’t care about the cost, then probably a lift.

2. Cost to renovate – you may need to raise the roof, polish rough edging of the wood and bring in extra furnitures and fixtures.

3. Lighting – if you strategically construct your attic space, you will be able to take advantage of the sunlight. Put it more windows to give your space some natural lighting.