Last week, while on vacation, I really enjoyed my bath time. I spent time in the tub as I pleased (maybe almost 20% of my entire stay in the hotel). No one was hurrying me up. I even had fruits and wine while listening to some John Legend slow songs. Ahhh! The life of the rich and famous (only I forgot to take a picture of the tub). I am not rich and not even famous so when I had the chance, I simply immersed myself in the experience and in some bubbles.

With that as inspiration, I quickly searched the internet for beautiful and well-designed baths. Here are some pictures:

Bath tubs can take art forms too (not just the ordinary space with a hollow middle. Just take a look at these photos:

Do you like lounging in the bath as well? I know there are some health hazards to staying in the bath all too often so expect a blog entry about it one of these days to help us all enjoy and stay safe at the same time.