I have been away for a little while and I have missed posting in this blog. I went on a quick trip to Singapore and Davao and now I am back to my daily grind. Hopefully, I can share daily updates as I have promised before. I really liked the bathroom at the Ascott Raffles Place in Singapore where we stayed so it inspired me to post some pictures of some shower stalls and designs that can be your inspiration for any renovation you have in mind. I hope you enjoy this entry:

For the nature lovers out there... I can see myself relaxing in that tub.

Outdoor shower can be very interesting, just look at this very simple design.

This is the first time that I have ever seen a red shower. I kinda like it.

This is a very modern design. Quite space-saving too...

See the wooden seating area? It can be used to sit down when you feel lazy standing in the shower. It can be folded up if you wanted to stand under the shower head. It is very versatile.


The glass enclosure makes this design very modern. The wooden seat makes it decorative too.